Like most photographers, my love for photography began at a young age. When I was first exposed to the magic of Polaroid cameras, I quickly discovered that there was something special about capturing ordinary moments and turning them into something extraordinary (sorry Dad, for wasting all your Polariod film). I'm always on the lookout for unique perspectives and details that make each moment special.

I use my passion for photography to document love stories from a fresh and authentic perspective. Whether it's a spontaneous moment or a carefully planned shot, I'm always excited to capture the little moments that make your love story unique.

Photography has always been a massive part of my life, both personally and professionally. There's just something about capturing a moment and telling a story in a way that's both captivating and organic that I find absolutely exhilarating.

When I don't have a camera in my hands, you can find me playing Pokemon with my son (and trying my hardest to look cool and remember all the Pokemon names), decorating my house, cuddling my sweet husband, or trying to smooch my very spoiled dog, Dolly. 

Hey, there! I'm heather – wedding photog, believer, wife, mom, and lover of love.

About me


ARIES • enneagram 3w2

"I don't think there are enough or adequate words to articulate and convey how AMAZING it was to have Heather be our photographer. After having interviewed 8 other photographers, we hired her for both our engagement and wedding photos. We felt there was an immediate sense of trustworthiness and joy in Heather. Besides providing the basics (a quick turnaround time for photos, a beautiful more-than-plenty photo collection, & excellent communication), Heather is just a kind and thoughtful human being.

If you already love Heather's artful style and eye, then I can guarantee you will not only gain wonderful timeless photos but also a thoughtful and caring friend. I'm so glad Heather was part of our big day."

Laurel + Brian

 My goal is to create a comfortable, friendly atmosphere where we can all hang out and capture those sweet, romantic moments that make my heart sing. And when we finally hit that perfect moment, I may just have a mini freak-out (in a good way!) before editing your images and doing it all over again.


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