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Timeless Wedding at Camp Lucy in Austin, Texas

I had the pleasure of photographing this timeless wedding at Camp Lucy that was nothing short of regal. Eden and Kyle were simply wonderful, and every detail of their wedding exuded a sense of luxury and sophistication. I felt honored to be able to capture their special day.

The wedding had a distinctive touch of royalty and high class. The elegant decor and impeccable floral arrangements all contributed to the regal atmosphere. Eden wore a beautiful wedding gown made by Ines Di Santo, which was carefully designed to enhance her natural beauty and radiance. Her groom was equally impressive in his dapper suit, which perfectly complemented the opulence of the occasion.

Throughout the wedding day, the couple was incredibly sweet and open to my artistic vision. They trusted me to capture every moment in a way that truly showcased the elegance and beauty of their special day. The photos and film that we created together are simply breathtaking, capturing every detail and nuance of this unforgettable wedding!


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